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How should you act or react in the face of child sexual exploitation?
What is at stake in this fight, which benefits society as a whole and improves the human condition?
Do you still have questions to which you could not find an answer on this website?
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How do you say STOP?

Whether you are a traveller, a tourist, a professional in the tourism sector or just someone concerned about this issue, steps can be taken to combat child sexual exploitation in the tourism sector.

In his or her own way, each one of us can take action and fight child prostitution, both here and abroad. Reporting, acting, bearing witness, relaying information, making a donation: find out how you can do something, specifically and at your own level, to save lives.

What can I do?

I report

Have you witnessed suspicious events where minors were the victims? Report what you saw.

Report them!

I act

Have you seen either suspicious or obvious behaviour relating to child prostitution?

I Help

I provide support

Would you like to support the activities of the STOP Group? Your donations will help us to better defend the rights of children.

I get involved

I bear witness

Have you or someone you know already taken action in the fight against child prostitution?

I tell about it

I relay

Professionals in the travel sector, journalists or simply private individuals, relay our campaigns and circulate them.

I relay