ECPAT International receives ITERPOL’s “Crimes against children” award

ECPAT International received the prestigious INTERPOL “Crimes against Children” Award on the European Day Against Sexual Abuse. INTERPOL recognizes the efforts to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and to defend victims. At the award ceremony, ECPAT Director paid tribute […]

How Canada let a child sex abuser run rampant across Asia


When Vadim Scott Benderman landed in Hanoi, Vietnam in June 2014, it was his second fresh start in an Asian country in as many years. As he had throughout his 12 years living in Asia, the longtime Canadian expatriate would […]

French soldier to be tried over Burkina Faso child sex abuse


The trial of a French soldier charged with molesting two young girls while serving in Burkina Faso in 2015 is due to start on Tuesday. The 40-year-old serviceman, only named as Sebastien L, is set to appear before a criminal […]

Dix-neuf ans de prison en appel pour le pédophile Pieter Ceulen


La cour d’appel d’Anvers a condamné jeudi Pieter Ceulen à dix-neuf ans de prison et à une mise à disposition du tribunal de l’application des peines de quinze ans. La cour d’appel confirme ainsi la peine infligée en première instance. […]

Retired schoolteacher who planned child sex holiday to Thailand is jailed for just three years


Bryan Douglas Cole, 72, had planned a child abuse holiday to Thailand. The former teacher was also obsessed with violent child abuse. Torture Victorian County Court judge Mark Dean said he was a ‘sadist paedophile’ and sentenced the retired teacher […]

ECPAT Belgium in “Le Forum de Midi”


ECPAT Belgium was interviewed on November 18th in the RTBF radio program “Le Forum de Midi”, on the occasion of the European Day for the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse. During the program, Ariane Couvreur spoke […]

ECPAT International convenes the first Global Survivors’ Forum


On the occasion of the European Day for the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, ECPAT International organized the first ever “Global Survivors’ Forum” for adult survivors of childhood sexual exploitation. This event was held in Strasbourg within […]

Debate “Ethics and Tourism” in Mechelen


On October 20th, in front of 100 future tourism professionals, ECPAT Belgium took part in the “Ethics and Tourism” debate organized by Thomas More and Travel Magazine. During this event, Ariane Couvreur was able to present the ECPAT International’s Global Study […]

Un français accusé de tourisme sexuel au Québec


Un touriste français fait face à la justice canadienne. L’homme de 61 ans a comparu lundi après avoir été arrêté la veille par la police de la ville de Sherbrooke qui l’accuse d’être venu au Québec afin d’abuser d’une adolescente […]

Experts sound alarm about gaps in monitoring of travelling child-sex abusers


A former Victorian policeman who runs an anti-child exploitation NGO in south-east Asia has criticised Australia’s management of travelling paedophiles, warning that predators are slipping into vulnerable countries undetected by local authorities. Glen Hulley, who runs Project Karma,  said immigration authorities in south-east Asia […]