Every day, the STOP Group fights to protect children from commercial sexual exploitation.

To make our initiatives even more effective, you can help us by talking about our campaigns. After all, raising awareness about the protection of minors across the world among the largest possible number of people is a first but essential step in our common fight.

Relaying our initiatives

Whether you are an ordinary citizen or a professional, we provide you with informational material that you can circulate through your networks.

How can you take action?


You can :

  • Share the link to this website through your personal channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Download our posters and flyers in PDF format in order to:
    • Print them out and put them up in high-traffic areas (with the owner’s permission).
    • For professionals, include them on your information screens.
  • Invite us to conferences so that we can present the issue to different audiences (schools, universities, professionals in the tourism sector, multinationals, NGOs, associations, charity groups, etc.).

List of material to be downloaded

2014 campaign “I say STOP!”

Leaflet “I say STOP!”

I say STOP

Materials only available in French and Dutch

2014 campaign “Don’t look away”

Responsible supporter

2010 campaign – Stop child prostitution:

I say STOP! Latin America

Speeches and presentations

For requests for speeches and presentations, please contact us.