Step 3: Send the form

Your report will be sent to ECPAT Belgium and will be analysed by our team. If your report contains sufficient useable information about an offence against the legislation for the protection of minors, we will forward it to the Police. If it does not contain enough information, we may contact you for further information. Your report will then be deleted from ECPAT Belgium’s files. 

ECPAT Belgium is entitled to receive alerts, not to carry out investigations which fall under the competence of the Police. This reporting procedure is the result of a prior agreement with the Police concerning the processing of reports sent via the “I say STOP” website.  

Because witnesses are often the only people who can report child sexual abuses happening abroad. Indeed, victims will rarely report for many reasons (fear of reprisals, lack of trust in the police, need to earn money to help their family etc.) Yet, the Belgian law allows to prosecute any person found on Belgian territory that is suspected of having committed sexual abuse on children abroad. If there are no reports, there won’t be any prosecution and the offenders will continue to enjoy impunity and harm more children.