The “I say STOP!” campaign is an initiative of the STOP Group which brings together players from the public, institutional and private sectors who have been combating the commercial sexual exploitation of children for many years.

The “I say STOP!” campaign follows on from a previous campaign entitled: “Stop child prostitution”.

Members of the STOP Group collective

ECPAT Belgium

ECPAT Belgium is part of ECPAT International, the only global network entirely dedicated to fighting the commercial sexual exploitation of children. To date, ECPAT brings together over 80 groups from across the world.


Belgian Defence

Belgian Defence aims to actively combat the exploitation of man by man, all the more so when this victimises children. We are fully backing this awareness-raising campaign in a spirit of solidarity and prevention.

FPS Foreign Affairs

FPS Foreign Affair plays a role in the fight against the sexual exploitation of children in a number of ways. These include:

  • Training and awareness-raising among staff members posted abroad.
  • Through its embassies and consulates, spreading the message of the various “I say STOP!” awareness-raising campaigns.
  • Passing on information gathered by its embassies and consulates with regard to cases of child sexual exploitation. This information is forwarded to the Human Trafficking Unit of the Federal Police.
  • Taking part in conferences and negotiations for drafting conventions addressing the topic.

FPS Justice

The Department for Criminal Policy is an important partner for various authorities and NGOs in their efforts to find solutions aimed at protecting children within society. After all, it is better to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. In this context, the Department is convinced of the need for campaigns such as “I say STOP!”.

FIT (Belgian tourism industry federation)

By supporting this campaign the tourism industry wishes to adopt a clear stance in the fight against child sexual exploitation and contribute to the effort by better informing travellers.


The Belgian royal federation of transporters and logistics services providers (FEBETRA) defends the interests of the road transport and logistics sector on behalf of third parties: FEBETRA has supported the STOP Group collective since 2004.

Plan Belgium

A member of the Plan International umbrella organisation, the NGO Plan Belgium is active in 50 countries across the world. Through its work, which primarily involves children, Plan Belgium is often witness to various forms of sexual exploitation of children. It is for this reason that we continue to support this campaign aimed at ensuring that the rights of all children everywhere are upheld, in particular as regards sexual and reproductive health but also the right to survival and to protection from all forms of violence.

Child Focus

The sexual exploitation of children can take several forms, among others child pornography, child prostitution or sexuel exploitation of children in traval & tourism. It exists in several contexts, both online and in the real world. An important guiding principle for Child Focus is the Lanzarote Convention (2007), a milestone in the fight against the sexual exploitation of children. The Convention emphasises prevention and repression, the safeguarding of victims’ rights and the fostering of national and international cooperation. It is in this spirit of cooperation that Child Focus, the Belgian Centre for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children, places a great deal of importance on initiatives such as the “I say STOP!” campaign. Quite clearly, it is only by combining forces that we will be able to effectively combat the sexual exploitation of children both online and in the real world.

Samilia Foundation

The sex trade has become particularly lucrative for traffickers who do not hesitate to take advantage of vulnerable groups, such as children. For this reason it was essential for the Samilia Foundation to support the “I say STOP!” campaign.


BOUDA48 has been backing ECPAT in its fight against the commercial sexual exploitation of children since 2001.
We support this non-profit organisation in the development of websites and communication tools, and offer guidance with regard to developments in new technologies, etc.
This I Say STOP project is a turning point in ECPAT’s campaign, and it was normal that BOUDA48 should be part of the project!