The sexual exploitation of children for commercial purposes is a fundamental violation of children’s rights as set out in articles 34 and 35 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Although there is no reliable method for determining the exact number of children who are victims of sexual exploitation for commercial purposes across the world, professionals active in the protection of minors agree that there are millions of victims.

Various organisations, including ECPAT, are fighting this scourge at the global level. ECPAT Belgium is responsible for centralising information and initiatives at the Belgian level.


Taking the next step

The ECPAT Belgium website offers extensive documentation on the commercial sexual exploitation of children providing, among other things, answers to the following questions:

Questions and Answers guide

14645What is a child? What impact does commercial sexual exploitation have on children? What makes children vulnerable? You will many such questions and answers in our Questions and Answers guide, “About the commercial sexual exploitation of children” (.pdf).