• Your actions and reports across the world

    The fight against child trafficking and prostitution is a long one, but everyone can contribute at his or her own level. Make a report or find out about your people power on our reporting map.

  • Say STOP to child prostitution!

    Are you outraged by child prostitution? So are we! Everyone can take action at his or her own level and say STOP! Find out about the four tools you can use to take action and say STOP!

  • We've been saying STOP for years!

    The fight against child prostitution is a long one. Find out who is supporting and coordinating this campaign.

  • Open your eyes and say STOP!

    Each one of you can act in his or her own way! Relay and circulate our awareness-raising campaigns!

How do you say STOP?

Whether you are a traveller, a tourist, a professional in the tourism sector or just someone concerned about this issue, steps can be taken to combat child sexual exploitation in the tourism sector.

In his or her own way, each one of us can take action and fight child prostitution, both here and abroad. Reporting, acting, bearing witness, relaying information, making a donation: find out how you can do something, specifically and at your own level, to save lives.

What can I do?

I report

Have you witnessed suspicious events where minors were the victims? Report what you saw.

Report them!

I act

Have you seen either suspicious or obvious behaviour relating to child prostitution?

I Help

I provide support

Would you like to support the activities of the STOP Group? Your donations will help us to better defend the rights of children.

I get involved

I bear witness

Have you or someone you know already taken action in the fight against child prostitution?

I tell about it

I relay

Professionals in the travel sector, journalists or simply private individuals, relay our campaigns and circulate them.

I relay

I report what I saw

You have been a witness of child abuse during your holidays, during business travel, or even close to where you live? You have doubts about inappropriate behaviour on the part of adults towards children, whether boys or girls? Tell us about what you have seen or experienced and we will send your testimony to the competent authorities. Please note that your report will remain confidential.

Cases under way

Countries where cases of sexual abuse of minors were reported to ECPAT Belgium (committed by Belgians offenders or other nationalities).

  • Red pointer - Alerts issued and being handled Alerts issued and being handled
  • Green pointer - Alerts completed Alerts completed

*Required field

How to react and do something about it ?

You are on holiday or on a business trip? You are professional in the tourism sector or a journalist? Entirely unexpectedly you are faced with either suspicious or obvious behaviour relating to child trafficking or prostitution: you decide not to look the other way and instead to help the child protective services professionals!

Good move, but how can you react cautiously ?

Tell us about what you have seen

Have you played a role in or been a witness of the fight against child prostitution? Have you been a victim? Testify and enhance the visibility of action taken against the sexual abuse of children across the world.

I bear witness

  • ABTO’s members fully support ECPAT’s cause: combating all forms of commercial sexual exploitation of children. They specifically take it into account when planning their itineraries and informing their travellers on ECPAT’s work through their brochures and/or websites.
    Paul Ryckaseys Paul Ryckaseys, Managing Director van Imaginetravel (ABTO lid) 22/10/14
  • Accor Hotels worldwide protects vulnerable and abused children

    - By ensuring that as many countries as possible sign and respect the Code of Conduct.

    - By training employees to eliminate child abuse by helping them to identify and respond to situations in which there is a risk of sexual tourism.

    - By distributing brochures and showing films in the hotels to raise customer awareness of the problem.

    - By involving Accor Hotels’ partners and suppliers in its commitment.

    We really appreciate the way Ecpat Belgium has supported us during the whole process of certification and training
    Marja van der Stelt Marja van der Stelt, VP Brand Operations 03/11/14

Support and relay the “I say STOP!” campaign

http://cahomeloanpro.com/48321_home-renovations-23-billion-spent-on-home-renovation-in/ Help us further develop our efforts to protect minors from prostitution.

You can download our publicity and information material and circulate it, or you can also make a donation to support our initiatives in Belgium and abroad.

What is the commercial sexual exploitation of minors?

The commercial sexual exploitation of children is a fundamental violation of children’s rights as set out in articles 34 and 35 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Detailed explanation.